Ask Boogey
Who are you?
What can Nguma do for me?
Show me your dance moves
Is this really the fourth dimension?
How do I contact Nguma?

Hello there!

I came to tell you about my employer, Nguma

Nguma is digital agency.

It means it produces digital goods, like websites, mobile apps ...

... and some other virtual stuff, like myself :)

I can answer any question you may have

I am the boogieman...

My friends call me Boogie though, you know why?

because I like to boogie.


No seriously,

Nguma can help your company...

... establish an online "presence".

Ha ha ha ha ha...

Who said dead people don't have a sense of humor?

Nguma offers expertise in strategy, design and development

... and can support you at any stage of the process, from concept to finish.

All you have to do is lay back and relax

You can reach Nguma at

Nguma LLC 68 Jay St #516B, Brooklyn NY 11201 / 646 678 1468

Don't have to ask me twice

Ever seen a dancing ghost?

(Click and move the mouse around)

You bet it is...

Check this out:

#@ :( :D &&&!! )%

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Won't do this everyday

Hello again,

Glad to see you came back for more